Small Business, More Personal Solutions

NMG is a small family run, international business, incorporated in New York,  that emphasizes quality, personal attention and service.  We are located on the beautiful south shore of Long Island in Rockville Centre, New York, only 35 minutes away by railroad, from the heart of New York City.  Due to our size, we are more flexible and nimble than our competitors and can get you what you want, when you need it.  NMG's focus is our customers and their individual needs.


Knowledge is Power

Our sales and purchasing departments are interchangeable, giving them a deep knowledge of and passion for the products we are selling.  We have over 35 years of combined experience working at NMG and other international aerospace companies.  Our team has developed strong vendor relationships and are very familiar with a variety of supply chain management solutions.  If you have an obsolete part you are looking for, we will locate excess inventory from a reliable source or try to find a better product that will fit your needs.   


Satisfaction Guaranteed

NMG values our customers and is always ready to come up with innovative solutions to meet their every need, no matter how complex.  All our products are guaranteed and are complete with the manufacturers' certificate of conformity.